About LifeLine

LifeLine is a smart diary for self-analysis. It helps to preserve important insights and increase awareness and efficiency. Analyze ideas and events, listen to yourself. Capture the feelings and emotions that you experience every day.

AI will help you stay on track and ask the right questions at the most important moment. The neural network will analyze the dynamics of your Life Lines and make personalized recommendations. The built-in chatbot will remind you of a significant goal. Get the support of mental health professionals right in the app. Share your Life Lines with your loved ones. The marketplace of experts and the Cooperation mode will help you with this.
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Remember the main thing. Plan the future

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LifeLine will support you with personalized recommendations


Build your Life Lines to track your health status, success in creativity, business or relationships. LifeLine will clearly show your progress and dynamics of your growth.


Keep a diary of emotions and events. Create events, link them to each other, add posts from social networks, e-mail correspondence, notes, audio, photos and videos.


Create goal events. LifeLine will remind you of important tasks. A smart assistant will analyze the dynamics of events and unobtrusively guide you if you go astray.


AI will analyze the dynamics of your axes, highlight the connections between the Life Lines. It will form personal recommendations and select a specialist for consultation.


Based on your data, the neural network will recommend the best specialists for mental support. The marketplace will allow you to select an expert and get advice right in the app.


The Cooperation mode will show how your partner perceives certain areas of your relations. Share your thoughts, tell what worries you now, discuss important points.

Want to get to know LifeLine better?

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More than an event tracker

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Application interface examples

It is very important for us to know your opinion!
Please help us to become better: fill in a small survey about our product.

Conquer the peaks of life together with LifeLine

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Understand yourself. Achieve goals. Maintain mental balance

Life is constantly gaining pace, forcing us to make quick decisions every day and not stand still. In the endless stream of events, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish the necessary from the imposed and clearly see your way.

LifeLine is a simple and intuitive self—discovery tool. It helps to solve the information overload and focus on what is really valuable to you:

  • Save important events that change your personality.
  • Analyze your condition and monitor your stress level.
  • Set ambitious goals for yourself in various spheres of life.
  • Make decisions, that will lead you to success.
  • Track your progress and gain self-confidence.


Additional features

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* Options are available for Advanced and Premium accounts

LifeLine. Harmonize your life path

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Conceptual description of the product

LifeLine is a dynamic map that connects your mental states and life events. Save, systematize and analyze your mental state with the help of AI. Link it to external events in a convenient form. LifeLine will help you to remember the important, realize the significant and show you the way to harmony and success.

The application is based on the Life Line concept. Life Line is a graphical representation of a part of a person’s life. Health, Creative Realization, Business Success, Relationships with Loved Ones could be among your Life Lines. The Life Line consists of components, every one of which we call an Axis.

You are free to choose Life Lines and the corresponding Axes. One person could decide to trace his Happiness Life Line along such Axes as “Creative Realization”, Health Satisfaction” and “Family Atmosphere”. Another one will pay attention to success in business. Then it is good to evaluate “Financial Result”, Emotional Satisfaction” and Degree of Delegation” as the Axes. Create and group as many Life Lines and Axes as you want. The same Axis may be present in different Life Lines. 

Your Life Lines may be related to deep analysis of your life or your consciousness development. Or simply deal with your hobbies, creating My Jazz Music Life Line with “Attending Live Concerts”, “Discovering New Subgenres”, “Mastering the Theory of Jazz” Axes.

Use LifeLine as a visual tool to describe your sensations at any given time. Capture pictures of your mental states. The system will analyze and visualize your progress and the links between the Axes. Through simple questions LifeLine will help you easily take the necessary steps to develop awareness..

Along with the assessment of your state, in LifeLine you can record any events that have occurred in your life.

Have you come up with an interesting idea to start a business? You can keep it in Interesting Business Ideas Life Line! Save it and develop it further in future. If you are inspired and want to implement this idea – then create Building a Specific Business Life Line. Add “Practical Actions to Create a Business” Axis. On this Axis you can check whether you are actually taking practical concrete steps. This will allow you to be honest with yourself on the way to the implementation of your idea.

Has an amazing insight come to you? Have you received unexpected news that affects an important part of your life? Was there a meeting that could dramatically change a lot? There is a place for everything in LifeLine. 

Events can be linked to each other  to preserve the results of Life Line analysis. 

Set your goals in the app. Create the goal “Launch of the Company’s Product Department” in your Success in Business Life Line. Set the goal to achieve it in 3 months time. 

Target certain levels for your Axes as your goal. For the same Success in Business Life Line you can set the goal to have your “Financial Results”, “Emotional Satisfaction” and “Degree of Delegation” Axes to be at least 8 out of 10 after 3 months.

LifeLine will softly ask about your state, remind you of an important goal and highlight recurring state patterns.

ifeLine will understand how events are linked and how they affect the user. The AI-based smart assistant will help you catch unobvious connections between events  including those from different Life Lines. The app will assess the dynamics of changes in your state and make a forecast for the future. It will help analyze the risks related to your progress towards the goals.

LifeLine can become a convenient diary for retrospective analysis of your life. Or a  smart tool in achieving your goals.

Add any data to LifeLine events, including posts from social networks, important emails, Evernote notes, voice recordings, photos and videos. LifeLine can become your Evernote for conscious people.

You can share Life Lines with anybody you want. Send your partner your Family Life Line to discuss whether you feel the same way in your relations. Happiness Life Line will be useful to share with your psychologist for a better understanding of your personality.

Our decisions determine our present and influence our future. It is very important to understand the interconnection of events and states.

LifeLine will help you better understand yourself and find inner harmony.

Choose your LifeLine

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Whatever your goal, in LifeLine you will find useful features that will help you solve the most important tasks


up to 3 Life Lines

up to 3 axes in a line

text notes to events







∞ Life Lines

∞ number of axes

any information in events

set goals

Cooperation mode

no ads




∞ Life Lines

∞ number of axes

any information in events

set goals

Cooperation mode

no ads

synchronization with Evernote and Gmail

free psychological support